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Highly Profitable Venture for Business Minded Owners

Why Buy a Home Services Franchise?

The Handyman industry in Canada is among the strongest and continuing to grow rapidly. Since 2011, the industry has grown over 6% annually on average.

While industries like the food and service sector are seeing expenses rise faster than they can raise their prices, they are relying on volume to make up for a reduction in profit margin.

The handyman industry remains strong with a solid profit margin. For instance, The HandyForce has regularly seen annual profit margins of over 20%.

There are a couple driving forces behind the growth of the industry. The senior demographic is growing rapidly and many are either not knowledgeable or physically capable of performing the home improvements. The working professional demographic (35-55 years old) is often too busy with their careers and family or either lack the knowledge and/or time to perform even minor home repairs.

All these factors culminate into a perfect opportunity for people like you to succeed. Continue on and find out if our Toronto, Ontario franchise for sale is right for you.

Why Join The HandyForce?

No Construction Experience Required
Low Capital Investment
Flat Monthly Fee - No Royalties
Proven Business Model
"Start Strong" Training for New Owners
Ongoing Training and Support
Proprietary Business Management and Scheduling Software
Excellent Work-Life Balance Opportunity
No Work on Weekends and Holidays

We are Founded on Three Key Principles

Make Customers Experience Better and Safer

Many Handyman companies work out of their home or from their truck. When they leave the job site it can be difficult to contact them.

Having a brick and mortar physical office and a three rings or less answer policy means a customer always has someone to speak with. This assures customers that The HandyForce is not a fly-by-night business.

Provide Employees a Better Working Environment

We treat all our jobs as careers. That means proper benefits, sick time, vacation pay, etc.

For instance, when a Junior Handyman joins The HandyForce, their skills development is nurtured and their knowledge is expanded so they can eventually become a Master Handyman.

Give Back to the Community

The only way to become a successful company is with the support of the people in any given community. We believe that warrants supporting them in return.

The HandyForce gives back by supporting children's sport teams, cleaning parks or renovating schools.

Ready to Learn More?

If you consider yourself a business minded person and are looking to buy a business in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area then consider a franchise with The HandyForce. You'll get a ground level opportunity with several potentially very lucrative territories.

Many entrepreneurs dream of getting a franchise opportunity like this. You don't have to dream, you just need to take action.

Want to learn what is involved and what is required? Check out the Toronto Franchise Opportunity page.


Canada Franchise Territories Available in the Greater Toronto Area

  • Toronto

  • Scarborough

  • Mississauga

  • Oakville

  • Etobicoke

  • York